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Week 4 – August 4

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Week 4 – August 4

How Do We Continue to Advocate for People With I/DD in Times of Crisis?

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET

The current pandemic has highlighted more than ever before the disparities that people with disabilities still face in our society. Health care rationing policies induced anxiety and fear. If needed, would people with disabilities be the last to be tested, to obtain personal protective equipment, to have access to ventilators? In this session, you’ll learn about how states addressed care rationing, the response of The Arc’s national office, and how chapters of The Arc mobilized their grassroots to fight for people with disabilities to receive the same respect and standard of care as anyone else.

Panel Speakers

Shira Wakschlag, Director of Legal Advocacy & Associate General Counsel, The Arc; Kristen McKiernan, Senior Executive Officer of Communications & Marketing, The Arc; Claire Manning, Director of Advocacy & Mobilization, The Arc; a chapter or two to talk about the work that they did on the state/local levels around advocacy (TBA)