Each year The Arc and NCE hold a two-and-a-half-day Summer Leadership Institute for senior leaders and staff from across the disability and public service sector.  The Summer Leadership Institute strives to provide attendees with engaging dialogue and discussion, as well as educational materials that will help individuals develop and hone their professional skills. Our goal is for all of us to work better and smarter towards our shared purpose – ensuring people with intellectual and development disabilities achieve their full civil and human rights and are fully included in their communities.

This year our theme is: Leading Through Times of Social and Civil Change. While systems vary across the country, today’s challenges faced by people with I/DD and their families are universal: future planning, community integration, education, housing, employment, self-determination, access to justice, advocacy, empowerment of self-advocates, health disparities, and solving the DSP crisis, to name a few.  The Arc has long stood at the forefront of advocacy for the human rights of people with I/DD and our chapters work diligently to address these challenges, approaching them as opportunities to effectively meet the needs of a diverse, ever-changing, I/DD community. Join us in Charleston as we discuss how to continue our evolution as service providers and the innovations and leadership required to advocate and serve people with I/DD and their families and bring about the social and civil change required for full inclusion.

The NCE Summer Leadership Institute is not simply an event. It’s an experience that unites executives and leaders from across the disability sector in pursuit of a shared mission.

The National Conference of Executives

The National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE) is a dynamic peer membership organization of Executive Directors and Management staff from The Arc’s 650+ chapter network. NCE creates opportunities for exchanging ideas, providing training essential in professional development, and offering support and mentoring for successful leadership. Members work collaboratively to better serve their organizations and their constituents. To learn more about the National Conference of Executives (NCE) of The Arc, visit thearc.org/nce.

The National Conference of Executives Steering Committee

Building engagement and community among chapters of The Arc remains the centerpiece of NCE’s work. The members of the NCE Steering Committee dedicate over 800 hours a year collectively to strengthen our chapters and the services we provide to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families.


2019-2020 NCE Steering Committee 2019 NCE Summer Leadership Planning Task Group
Karen Shoemaker, Chair, PA Amy Newell, IL
Carrie Hobbs Guiden, Immediate Past Chair, TN Carrie Hobbs Guiden, TN
Chris Stewart, First Vice Chair, AL Charity Moore Henning, WY
Kim Dodson, Second Vice Chair, IN Chris Stewart, AL
Frank Adu, At Large, NJ Frank Adu, NJ
Leslie Green, At Large, IN Jean Phelps, MA
Teri Hawthorne, At Large, TX John Nash, NC
Mark Keeley, At Large,  MO Jon Meyer, AZ
Charity Moore Henning, At Large, WY Karen Shoemaker, PA
Stanfort Perry, At Large, NY Kathleen Stauffer, CT
Melanie Soto, At Large, AZ Kevin Fish, KS
Mary Van Haneghan, At Large, TX Kim Dodson, IN
John Nash, Region 1 Representative, NC Mark Keeley, MO
Jean Phelps, Region 2 Representative, CT Mary Van Haneghan, TX
Lori Opiela, Region 3 Representative, IL Nancy Murray, PA
Kevin Fish, Region 4 Representative, KS Rob Malone, MD
Rob Malone, Region 5 Representative, MD Stanfort Perry, NY
Jon Meyers, Region 6 Representative, AZ Teri Hawthorne, TX
Peter Berns, The Arc CEO, DC



Questions about NCE? Email Dawn Cooper at cooper@thearc.org.