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Week 3 – July 28

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Week 3 – July 28

Impact of COVID-19 on Policy and People in the Disability Community

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET

The growing impact of COVID-19 on our economy has resulted in many legislative solutions from states and the federal government. The Arc’s Public Policy team will discuss what The Arc is doing at a federal level to engage and educate legislators and how chapters and other disability organizations can intensify their own grassroots advocacy efforts. Legislation around home and community-based services, paid leave, Social Security, access to medications, supplies and PPE, and care rationing will be discussed.

Panel Speakers

The Arc of the United States Public Policy Team

Julie Ward, Senior Executive Officer of Public Policy; Nicole Jorwic, Senior Director of Public Policy; Bethany Lilly, Director of Income Policy; Molly Burgdorf, Director of Rights Policy; Annie Acosta, Director of Fiscal and Family Support Policy; Mike Nagel, Program Associate